Collect, Extract Value and Share Information with Consumers in near real-time

Near real-time decision making is critical to business success. Yet data in the enterprise continues to grow exponentially year over year across data silos, making analysis more difficult and expensive. To turn structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence, business needs an effective, smart way to harness data.

SDACA solutions help collect relevant data, discover insights from data so that you can build applications that serve your customers in the context of their identity, location and actions. Store, manage, and deliver value massive data sets from any data source using an innovative set of enterprise data products. Quickly enable data access and control so that you can build, deploy, and scale modern enterprise applications at a rapid pace.

Collect and Store

Securely collect, aggregate and move large volumes of data for your mission-critical applications. SDACA Collector can collect any kind of data from anywhere, irrespective of the type and location of the data source. Collected data is scrubbed, stored and managed in near near real time on highly reliable and available infrastructure.

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Aggregate and Analyze

SDACA Explorer enables searching and exploring large volumes of structured and unstructured data to find relationships, correlations and historical trends. Explorer lets you federate data from your multiple, distributed data assets and run advanced queries to gain business insights. The data visualization capabilities within Explorer allow analysis of data in near real-time.

Share and Integrate

SDACA Share lets you distribute data and information to anyone who needs it, as fast as it can be consumed by the downstream systems and applications. Comprehensive data integration capabilities allow external applications to connect and consume aggregated data and information in near real-time or in batch mode.

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