Big Data Acquisition

“Collect data from anywhere in near real-time”

When your business isn’t in sync, productivity and profits are bound to suffer. Today’s fast-paced organizations need to make timely decisions and take quick action if they want to stay ahead of the competition. But with growing volumes of data residing in multiple applications, it hasn’t always been easy get at the information you need when you need it most.

SDACA’s near real-time data distribution and consolidation solutions synchronize data across many different applications. Our solutions incorporate advanced technology to capture data changes from source applications and then flow the data in near real-time to other systems in other departments, business units and regions. And they easily scale to large data volumes without impacting the performance of mission-critical applications running on the source system.

SDACA solutions can help you:
  • Consolidate information spread across different systems to gain a single view of critical business information Distribute data to different services such as: Fax Services, Messaging Services, etc. 
  • Leverage your existing IT environment and reduce IT costs by allowing legacy and new applications to co-exist to share information Process and distribute information as often as required
  • Minimize the risk of downtime and customer service interruption Consolidate information into a business intelligence environment without impacting performance

Real-Time Data Analytics and Auditing

“Faster Response Time, identify issues as they occur”

With increasing government and industry regulations and increased focus on internal controls, organizations can’t just hope that they comply with the rules. Rather, their reputation and even existence depends on it. To stay safe, senior managers require a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of all of their company’s critical data so they can detect and monitor critical data changes quickly and react accordingly. They need a surefire way to prove to internal or external auditors that their electronic records are reliable and accurate. And they have to accomplish this even if corporate data is spread across different business units and regions, within various business applications or on various platforms.

SDACA’s flexible real-time data auditing solutions create an audit trail of all data changes and immediately transports them to a secure data store. Our solutions are built advanced technology, ensuring that the performance of even the most demanding mission-critical applications running on the source system isn’t adversely impacted.

SDACA’s real-time data auditing solutions help you:
  • Effectively manage and protect data assets residing in multiple applications
  • Ensure compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Detect irregular transactions and quickly be able to react to help combat fraud
  • Improve customer service and accountability
  • Implement comprehensive data monitoring solutions
  • Meet operational guidelines

Business Intelligence

“Make Decisions Faster, faster delivery of data to key decision makers”

To be successful, organizations today need to be able to synchronize information and consolidate data between applications across different regions, business units and departments. They need to report and analyze this data quickly and easily, regardless of what applications created the data, what platform they’re running on, or what database they’re stored in. Traditional ETL tools offer these capabilities yet they require organizations to shut down their applications to run nightly batch processes. That won’t cut it in today’s 24/7 world. Business Intelligence Solutions built on SDACA let you analyze your data instantaneously.

SDACA’s business intelligence solutions help you:
  • Gain real-time visibility into key business metrics
  • Monitor key business activities in real time
  • Create accurate and up-to-date reports so you can make good operational decisions
  • Eliminate nightly batch windows
  • Deliver critical business analysis faster
  • Reduce monthly and quarterly reporting cycles
  • Speed integration of operational data into a data warehouse environment

Enterprise Data Hosting

“Critical Hubs supporting enterprise core infrastructure “

Spin System’s teaming partners provides premium data center services for secure and reliable colocation in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific region and the Middle East. Our data centers serve as core hubs for critical IP networks and Internet operations worldwide. With direct access to more than 200 networks, including all of the top global Tier 1 networks, Spin System’s partner data centers and services overcome the limitations of existing data center, network and Internet operations through direct interconnection to the largest aggregation of networks for unmatched service diversity, flexibility and reliability.

With Spin Systems, customers can leverage premium data center services for secure colocation; diverse, reliable and cost-effective IP connectivity; next- generation traffic exchange and peering; and managed outsourced IT infrastructure services for greater control, improved performance and lowered costs for their network and Internet operations.

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